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In record time we were sleeping!

“In record time we were sleeping!”

I went back & forth on deciding to book a sleep consultant, finally on an exhausting day I thought it was worth a try. It was by far the BEST thing we could have done!!! Working with Sleepwell Baby and Teresa was amazing and so rewarding! I wanted to cancel before we even started but Teresa was a huge support and was by our side every step of the way. Teresa knew I was struggling with some post pardum anxiety plus a lack of sleep and she helped me get through it all!  Right from birth Addison would fight sleep,...

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She’s even more content and happy now with being so rested

“She’s even more content and happy now with being so rested”

Emery started co sleeping with us at 4 months, she would wake every couple hours where we would have to nurse or rock her back to sleep. I held Emery for her naps as I was scared to put her down and have her wake up. Not only were we going through the hardships of being first time parents, my father was very sick and passed away during our time of sleep training Emery. I'm grateful to Sharmayne at sleep well baby, she helped us through some very difficult times and helped us keep strong and consistent. Emery went from...

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It is amazing how much happier he is during the day

“It is amazing how much happier he is during the day”

Our baby, Kieran, was an incredibly content newborn and slept quite well until he was about 3 months old.  Once he started teething, he was much harder to put to sleep and he no longer slept as soundly.  He started to reject sleeping in his bassinet, and we ended up reactionary co-sleeping for several months, which neither I nor my husband was comfortable with.  By time Kieran was 6 months old, we were putting him to sleep in his carseat for most naps and bedtimes, and if that didn’t work, we had to endure hours of crying before he would...

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