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A good night’s sleep has made for a happier baby and two well rested, happy parents

“A good night’s sleep has made for a happier baby and two well rested, happy parents”

Our baby would wake multiple, random times each night and the nights would turn into day after day of broken sleep.  Our days would not be productive as we were all exhausted.  After 5 months of never once sleeping through the night, reading the books, and thinking we could do it on 'our own’, we turned to Alicia and SleepWell Baby for help. Initially, I felt selfish for wanting my baby to sleep through the night for my own sake, but after Alicia explained how important a good sleep was for Gavin's (my son) health for his brain development and...

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“It Was Life Changing to Say the Least”

““It Was Life Changing to Say the Least””

My husband and I became first-time parents in January, and with me breastfeeding our son we decided that mom and baby co-sleeping (bed sharing) was the best way for us all to get a lot of sleep for the first few month of his life. He used to fall asleep in his swing or on the nursing pillow until I was ready to take him to bed with me; however, when he got a bit older and was unable to fall asleep just anywhere, we needed to make the transition to the crib. Because he was so used to sleeping...

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The best money we’ve spent

“The best money we’ve spent”

Hi Teresa! Thought I'd drop you a line to send you a couple pics of Reed. He is 17 (almost 18) months old now and he's just a riot! We started with you in July 2016 - hard to believe it has been a full year now! 2 weeks ago he wore his "I Sleep Like a Champ" shirt and it made me laugh and think to email you. 😊 Last night he slept for 12 hours and 45 minutes so he lives up to the shirt! We were just in Vegas last week (that's where the swimming pic was...

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