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We can help you reclaim your sleep! Our sleep consultants provide customized sleep schedules for babies, toddlers and children. We’ll support you every step of the way as you teach your children healthy sleep habits. From preparing for a new baby and basic sleep help to sleep stays and slumber parties, we have a sleep package that is right for you.

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SleepWell Baby helps families throughout Canada, the US and worldwide to get babies and children sleeping. We have sleep consultants in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba, but we have helped families across the world. Customers in the United States, Europe and Asia, love our Skype sessions. Meet our team of certified sleep consultants.

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Are you interested in becoming a certified sleep consultant? Through our unique approach to baby and child sleep consultant training, we have developed some of the most successful sleep consultants in the world. If you’re passionate about sleep, contact us to find out how to start a successful career as a SleepWell Baby sleep consultant.

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  • There isn’t enough gratitude or thank you’s in the world to adequately express what Veronica did for our family. The bottom line is that she saved us. At 2 months old, Zakai was diagnosed with acid reflux and would only fall asleep in a swing or after being rocked. When his 4 month sleep regression hit, he was up every 60-90 minutes through the night. Within 2 weeks, Veronica taught Zakai how to self-soothe and put himself back to sleep. Today, Zakai is a happy, healthy baby full of smiles, energy and love. The sleep he now gets at night is helping him develop at an amazing pace and we owe it all to Veronica. If you are questioning whether or not you should call SleepWell Baby, stop thinking and call. It will change your life.

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    Asif and Noorin, Parents to 4 month old Zakai

  • I am sure most husbands will agree that a happy wife and baby makes for a happy life. We didn’t realize how out of sorts our daughter was and how sleep deprived she really was until about a week into the process. We saw our happy, energized, and calm baby again.

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    Byron, Dad to 5 month old Brielle

  • Our smartest decision as parents was to hire SleepWell Baby, with both our second and third child, each when they turned six months old. I read every book and tried everything except letting them cry it out. When we hired SleepWell it was unbelievable how quickly they became amazing sleepers. Our three kids, 7 months, 3, and 5, all sleep (basically) from 7pm-7am. The baby has two peaceful, PREDICTABLE naps. The three year old has a structured quiet time. SleepWell’s plan will make sickness, travel, teething, and everything else so much easier to deal with.  Your sleep consultant will equip you with the tools you need and guide you through the process. IT WILL WORK and the result will be a happy, rested family. 

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    Jennifer, Mom of 3 kids ages 7 months, 3 years and 5 years

  • When we heard about SleepWell Baby and their Sleep Consultants we were 100% sceptical. Who needs a sleep consultant? Our sleep problems started innocently enough. The twins were decent sleepers at the beginning, but after dealing with nightly wake ups from a pesky cough, the slippery slope of sleepless nights began. We found ourselves running to the twins’ room quickly whisking the crying baby out of the room to rock, snuggle and sooth back to sleep. By 12 months old, the nightly wake ups had become habitual with 1-3 hour screaming fits; making for some very long nights. Life became about surviving. Without the help of Kristal and SleepWell Baby we would still be in survival mode and life without sleep.

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    Aubry & Scott, Grateful family of twins

  • Jen was an excellent, compassionate and informative sleep consultant. We are so happy with the services that SleepWell Baby has provided our family. I was sooooo scared that I was going to “fall off the deep end” if I had to carry on with our sleep challenges on my own. Now, we are all resting better, longer and enjoying life more fully. I still can’t believe how fast and how inexpensive your services are. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for wonderful consultants and a program that works.

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    The Werner family, parents to twins

  • Without an ounce of exaggeration I can happily say that SleepWell Baby changed our families life. Our daughter Lila did not sleep well from the day she was born and by the fifth month, the lack of sleep was getting difficult to tolerate. The feelings of despair and frustration overshadowed the joy that we thought would fill our days. Within a couple of weeks of calling SleepWell Baby, we had the tools and a plan. With a determination to faithfully stick to our sleep plan and the unwavering support of our amazing consultant Telanne, Lila learned to sleep. For the first time ever, we have been able to truly bond and love unconditionally as a family of three. I will never be able to thank SleepWell Baby enough for this gift.

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    Lindsey & Brett, Parents to 6 month old Lila

  • Grant started off as a good sleeper. His naps were regular, but I couldn’t get him over the forty minute mark. Nearing six months old, Grant’s day sleep was starting to affect night sleep and the naps were becoming shorter. I had enough. There is only so much one can do with another child to take care of. Megan’s help gave me the confidence I needed to get Grant’s naps to solidify, and his night sleep to go back to normal. However, his night sleep didn’t go back to normal; he started to sleep for twelve hours at night! He is breastfed, and I’ve never noticed any lack of milk supply. I’ve started to be able to spend one-on-one time with my four year old, exercise, and go on dates with my husband.

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    Gail, Mom to 6 month old Grant

  • Peyton was not a good sleeper and often woke every 1.5 – 2.5 hours. With each wake I would feed Peyton to put her back to sleep. Our family was in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation! Our sleep consultant, Telanne, worked with us to develop a sleep plan that we were comfortable with and supported us 100% of the way.  By night three Peyton had gone from 4-5 wakings in the night, to waking once to feed and going right back to sleep. Peyton is now a wonderful sleeper, and the days of overtiredness and anxiety regarding bedtime are gone.  Our experience with SleepWell Baby has been life changing, and we rave about it to anyone who will listen!

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    Mom & Dad to 5 month old Peyton

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Sleep Help

Baby Sleep

You thought giving birth was supposed to be the hard part, but ever since you brought that sweet baby home from the hospital you haven’t had a wink of sleep. You’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever sleep again. We can help your baby sleep so you can too.

Baby Sleep Stories

Toddler Sleep

Has your toddler’s sleep gone off the rails? We understand your pain. Whether you are transitioning your child from two naps to one, having trouble with the crib to bed transition, expecting a new baby or have just added a sibling to the mix, we can help your toddler sleep again.

Toddler Sleep Stories

Child Sleep

If you are having trouble getting your kids to sleep, bedtime has become a marathon or you are experiencing night waking’s, we can help. SleepWell Baby has helped kids aged 3 to 8 establish a successful sleep routine and get a solid 11 to 13 hours of sleep a night.

Child Sleep Stories

Family Sleep

Your health is important too. Often we forget that sleep is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle. And not only do your babies, toddlers and children need sleep, but us parents need sleep too. Focusing on sleep for the family is healthy for everyone.

Family Sleep Stories

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My husband and have swaddled all of our babies from birth.  We did this not so much to recreate the womb-like environment, but to suppress their moro or startle reflex.  For all our babies this was their first sleep association.  It made sense to me, and we swaddled all three of our babies, arms in, […]

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At SleepWell Baby, we pride ourselves on the level of education we provide to our clients.  Sleep is not a mystery; it follows a science.  Once parents understand sleep science, they feel confident to handle the sleep milestones that occur as their child grows. It’s the focus on education that makes a consultation with SleepWell Baby so […]


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Once your little one becomes a SleepWell Baby and is sleeping like a champ at home, you might be looking down the road to how she will do when she begins daycare.  Many of the families we work with have concerns as they transition their child from home to daycare.  Once parents have seen the […]

Certified Sleep Consultants

SleepWell Baby is focused on establishing healthy sleep habits from birth through childhood. We are members of the International Association of Childhood Sleep Consultants and each consultant is Family Sleep Institute Certified for behavioural sleep interventions with twins, children with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sleep consultants also have extensive training in biological sleep milestones, safe sleep environments, parenting styles, coaching, child development and solutions to sleeping challenges.

SleepWell Baby’s community of child sleep consultants have a wealth of knowledge, training and experience to successfully teach your children essential sleep skills. Call SleepWell Baby today and start working with the best sleep consultants in the industry.