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‘Alysa worked miracles for our family…’

I am so grateful for having the chance to meet Alysa. She turned our sleepless nights into 11 hours of sound sleep! In just a few days, my baby became happier, calmer and more patient with everything. We no longer needed the pacifier for everything and I could plan our days. I also have time […]

Update from our SleepWell Family Alumni

“Hi there! I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas! Hannah started daycare this week and it’s going awesome. They are so amazed at her sleeping habits! We still can’t thank you enough for your help back in August. Even with a runny nose, cutting two new teeth and starting daycare, her sleep has not […]

Busy Family – lots of activities.

January 10, 2016 My husband and I weren’t getting much sleep. Our daughter was waking about 3 or 4 times a night during which I would nurse her back to sleep. We were very sleep-deprived. A friend told us about her positive experience with SleepWell Baby and we wanted to see if it would work […]

The Family Meeting

Think back to a time before the pitter patter of little feet filled your home. You probably spent most of your days in the workplace and lack of sleep was not an issue that affected your life. When something important happened at work and needed to be addressed you were likely invited to a meeting. […]

Werner family – 2 years

Jen was an excellent, compassionate and informative sleep consultant. We are so happy with the services that SleepWell Baby has provided our family. I was sooooo scared that I was going to “fall off the deep end” if I had to carry on with our sleep challenges on my own. Now, we are all resting better, longer and enjoying life more fully. I still can’t believe how fast and how inexpensive your services are. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for wonderful consultants and a program that works.

Grobag Product Review- The Gro Company

The various sleep products on the market for our little ones can be overwhelming  for parents. As a Child Sleep Consultant, I always teach that less is more when children are learning the skill of independent sleep.  But the one product  I recommend to my clients and I could not live without as a parent is the […]

Start Early With Healthy Sleep Habits

You’ve passed the newborn phase, you’ve noticed changes in your baby’s sleep, and now you might be wondering, What’s the next step with sleep? Around the 6-8 week mark is the perfect time to start establishing healthy sleep habits.   The first 6-8 weeks of a baby’s life are exciting and tiring for new parents. […]

Tips for Better Sleep When Kids Share a Room

Is it time for your little ones to share a room?  Whether your family is growing and you need the space, or you just prefer your children to bunk together, bringing two children who aren’t used to sleeping together into the same room can feel a bit overwhelming.  Independent sleep is a skill that kids […]

When To Start And Stop Using A Tot Clock

Tot clocks are a great tool for teaching toddlers to stay in bed until the morning.  They provide a visual cue that it’s time to wake up for the day.  Just like any sleep item, a tot clock will not magically end the trend of a toddler who rises too early or pops out of […]