Alexander – 14 months

“Prior to working with Patti, my nights with 14 month old Alexander consisted of at least 4 wake ups and essentially no sleep for me from 4 am on.  It had been this way since he was a newborn.  He spent his first nine months in my arms or in the bed beside me.  At nine months I started putting him into his crib to sleep.  However, because of frequent wakings, I was taking him to bed with me at some point each night.  I was so tired that I wanted to at least be laying down even if I wasn’t sleeping.  I would usually nurse him back to sleep, only to have him wake up again within 1 to 2 hours.

I was exhausted and my very energetic and wonderful 5 year old son was left with a very irritable and impatient mother during the day.  When my husband passed along a recommendation from his coworker to contact SleepWell Baby, I was quite hesitant.  I figured it would be more of what I had read from numerous different sources and I just felt I didn’t have it in me to do what it takes to sleep train my baby.  After procrastinating for another month I finally got to the point where I knew I had to do something. I felt barely able to function at work in addition to being unpleasant at home.

I spoke with Amanda and was put in contact with Patti.  When Patti assured me that we would have success training Alex and our household would soon be sleeping better I actually felt close to tears.  I could not remember what an uninterrupted sleep felt like, but I knew it was what Alexander and I desperately needed.  I could not believe how well Alexander did the first night, followed by an even better second night and a third night that didn’t require any visits from his mom or dad!

We, as a family, are quite well rested now.  I no longer crawl into bed at night anticipating that I will be woken within minutes of falling asleep and therefore feel much more relaxed at bedtime.

Thank you so much Patti for a plan that we could implement with little difficulty and with great results, and thank you, especially, for all the words of encouragement along the way!”

– Tricia, Joe, Ethan and Alexander


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