‘Alysa worked miracles for our family…’

I am so grateful for having the chance to meet Alysa. She turned our sleepless nights into 11 hours of sound sleep! In just a few days, my baby became happier, calmer and more patient with everything. We no longer needed the pacifier for everything and I could plan our days. I also have time for myself and my husband in the evenings and during nap times. I was very scared of the sleep training process in the beginning and we chose the most gentle way to sleep train and it has worked just as well as other methods. From waking up 5 times per night, we went to 11 hours of sleep on the second night of training! Alysa was with us every step of the way and had answers to any concern or detail. The only thing I needed to do is follow every bit of her advice. She has worked miracles for our family and we cannot be more grateful to her, happy and well rested!

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