Avery – 14 weeks

It’s hard to imagine how different Avery’s sleep habits were just one month ago!  He was 10 weeks old when his sleep patterns began to change, and at 14 weeks old, we decided we needed help!  At night, he began waking at midnight and every hour after that for a soother to be put back in his mouth.  He was breaking out of his swaddle and we were having to re-swaddle him numerous times throughout the night.  It got to the point where he and Mike would sleep in the living room just so I could get some sleep.  We were both exhausted.  For naps, he would only fall asleep with a soother and if someone was holding him, which made it nearly impossible for us to have any time to ourselves during the day.  I loved holding my baby and putting him to sleep, but the thought of doing that for who knows how long was a bit scary!  It was then that we realized we needed to make a change and we weren’t sure how to go about it.

That’s when we were introduced to Megan!  Avery’s sleep plan involved getting rid of the soother and the swaddle and moving him to his own crib (he had been sleeping in a bassinet beside our bed).  This was to be done all at once on the first night of sleep training.  I was terrified!!!  But, I can say now that the days of the soother and swaddle are a distant memory.  After night one, we have never looked back.  Avery goes into his crib wide awake and will fall asleep independently at bedtime and for naps.  He wakes during the night for one (sometimes two) feed(s).  I have time to myself during the day and am definitely feeling more rested.

We couldn’t have done this without Megan. She was a wonderful support to us and gave us the reassurance we needed on the days and nights that were more challenging.  She was always available to answer questions and offer suggestions and we are so grateful for her help.  We are so thankful we did this for our son and would recommend SleepWell Baby to any parents who want to teach their baby the skills of independent sleep!


– Erin

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