Being a single first-time mom in my 40’s, my daughter was 3 months premature. We began together in NICU of a top specialized Toronto hospital, involving 3 months of interrupted sleep. We were on very structured feeding/sleep (tube & breast) schedules. With kangaroo care 16-18 hours a day, my daughter was being held all the time, usually sleeping upright on my chest. At home, we both continued sleep deprivation for another 18 months, until I was able to finally get the right information working for both of us.

With experience in various health fields, as Massage Therapy (teaching at a Private College in Entrepreneur practice), Pharmacy Technician, Diabetic Consultant, Early Childhood Education, I knew medical aspects of having a healthy child, and proper choices needed for growth and development. I had to get over my fears and apprehensions, having a premature child, and implement correct skills. I had to train myself, and her, developing her own skills needed for sleep. Living in Toronto, I thought that we’d have more help with sleep challenges. I came across SleepWell Baby, and our lives changed. We’re no longer sleep deprived. Both of us are flourishing. My daughter is doing well. I enjoy working with all ages of children, premature or full-term, who I find are all truly worldly wonders.