I wear a lot of hats. Lucky for me, I’ve got one of those heads that looks good in hats!

I’m a mom to a busy 2 year old. He’s my joy and my pain, he makes me laugh and makes me want to pull my hair out. He’s my little shadow with a fierce independent streak. He’s my little guy.

I’m a wife to a wonderful man. He challenges me and pushes me. He can’t sleep when I’m away, but also can’t sleep when I am home (I’ve been known to throw elbows at 3am.) He’s my tech support and my answerer of questions, and he’s the one who listens when I just need to vent. I love him dearly, even when he leaves the empty microwave popcorn bag on the counter.

I’m a photographer. I get to be there for all of the celebrations in life – graduations, weddings, anniversaries, pregnancies, births… I’m the fly on the wall when Grandpa is dancing with Grandma at their 50th anniversary party. I’m the one directing (bossing around?) a large group of rowdy family members at a reunion. I’m the one cuddling your newborn until she falls asleep and I can get the perfect shot.

I used to be you.

I’ve been where you are. When, at 6 months old, my beautiful and previously well slept son turned into a gremlin from another universe who wouldn’t sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time, I was bombarded by conflicting research and advice. Swaddle him. Don’t swaddle him. Sleep with him. No, definitely don’t sleep with him. Feed him. Let him cry. Soother. None…. It was endless and exhausting, especially for first time parents! My husband and I were both at our wits end, overtired and stressed out, arguing over who had to put the baby down for a nap/bed. We began to resent him and each other. It wasn’t pretty and it felt terrible. Talk about mommy guilt!! I needed help and I hired SleepWell Baby. I remember the overwhelming relief I felt when I heard a human voice at the other end of a phone line say “It’s ok, you’re doing your best. We’ve got this. We can help.” And they did. Within days, my son was sleeping and so was I! Living on the flip side of crazy, I look back and see how close I was to a major breakdown. I will joke about how I don’t remember much of my son’s infant days (and how that’s probably a good thing if he ever wants a sibling!) but in all seriousness, I honestly don’t remember much at all. I’ve either blocked it out in favor of this new reality where my son sleeps 12 hours through the night and has predictable and restorative naps, or I was just so overtired and confused that my brain has disposed of it, thinking it unnecessary. Whatever the case, I’m thrilled to share my experience with anyone that will listen. Friends, family, the grocery store clerk, they all get to hear how amazing the process was and how wonderful the consultants are.

When SleepWell approached me to be that human voice on the phone, it was a no brainer. I’m so pleased that I can offer a little support and comfort at the beginning of what could potentially be a life changing experience for you and your family. I will joke with you if that’s what you need and I will cry with you if that’s how you’re feeling. I will listen to your story and never pass judgement

I’m the SleepWell Baby Concierge. I get to talk to you first. I listen to you and ask you questions without judgement, and then I get to tell you how we can help. You don’t need to do this alone. You don’t need to be a hero. That’s what SleepWell is for.