The gift of sleep is priceless!  I soon realized this after the birth of my son.  I did not have a regular routine or healthy sleep habits in place for him, I just went with it.  There were times that were good, but never great and I knew it could be better.  After I made some changes and with consistency, I could immediately see the impact the proper amount of sleep can make.  After my daughter was born, I knew I needed to do things differently right from the start and did so successfully.  To this day, she is still my sleeping beauty and I have become much more protective of my children’s sleep.

In addition to my certification as a Child Sleep Consultant, I hold a diploma in Business Human Resources.  I have become very passionate about sleep and helping families reach their goals of teaching their child the skill of independent sleep.  There is nothing more rewarding then giving back the gift of sleep to a family and knowing that I have made such a positive impact.  I am a small town girl, currently living in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, along with camping in the summer and warm vacations in the winter.