When I had my first baby, I assumed that every baby would naturally feed or rock to sleep easily, and that night wakes were ok, because they only lasted a brief time. Then came my second baby who would only fall asleep crying, with my hand rhythmically patting his back. I was confused and exhausted. I worked with a SleepWell Consultant and our lives changed.

With a background in Marketing and Advertising, and a passion to help families rest easy, I joined the SleepWell team to work in both areas of passion. I am a member of the Concierge team, so I get to talk to families when they first reach out, and let them know that we can help them. I am also Marketing Director, and get to find creative ways to build relationships with our audiences and continue to build on this inspiring brand. My husband and I have 3 children. We love traveling together, and spending quality time at the lake.