Beth – 3 months old

When our second daughter, Beth, was born, we referred to her as our “angel baby”.  Our first child had been a horrible sleeper and my husband and I were determined not to let history repeat itself.  Compared to our first daughter, Beth slept most of the time, only crying if she was hungry or needed a diaper change.  Everything seemed to be going well until her second month after which things went downhill quickly.  It started to take half an hour of rocking a screaming baby to get her down for a nap, only to have her wake up the moment we put her in the crib.  Nights were a disaster as my husband and I took turns holding Beth for hours and eventually the whole night.  Despite our holding, rocking and constant replacing of her pacifier, Beth did not sleep peacefully.  She woke every couple of hours screaming and would need to be nursed back to sleep.  Sleep deprivation was affecting everyone in our family.  Beth was miserable during her waking hours.  She did not nurse well and, on more than one occasion, I considered quitting.  I was so sleep deprived that I did not have the energy to play with our 3 year old and was not able to enjoy my new baby.  My husband and I were devastated that we were going through this again.  We knew that what we were doing was ridiculous, but we had basically accepted defeat.  We thought our only option would be to wait until Beth was 6 months and then let her “cry it out” like we had with our first daughter.  The problem was I didn’t think we could survive another 3 months.

A friend had mentioned that they had used a sleep consultant for their children and that it had worked wonders.  However, I didn’t give it much thought as I was sure that 3 months was too young for any intervention.  One night during my usual internet search of how to get my baby to sleep, I came across Amanda’s site and immediately gave her a call.  Turns out she was the sleep consultant our friends had used.  After our initial conversation, I felt hopeful as she assured me that we could indeed get our three month old to sleep.  After our consultation with Amanda I was a bit skeptical thinking there was no way our 3 month old would sleep 12 hours, unswaddled, without a pacifier.  Well, by the third night that’s exactly what happened and has continued to happen on a regular basis ever since.  Beth is now able to put herself to sleep for naps and bedtime, as well as for night wakings.  The first couple of nights were not easy, but we were able to handle it with Amanda’s support.  Ever since meeting Amanda our entire lives have changed.  Everyone is so much happier and Beth is even nursing better.

We are so glad we made this investment in our family’s well-being.  We would recommend Amanda, without hesitation, to anyone who is struggling to help their baby develop healthy sleep habits.  Thank you, Amanda!

– Janine

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