Bodhi – 9 months old

“My husband and I decided to contact SleepWell Baby for help with our little guy’s night-wakings/feedings. We were both getting so tired and with me going back to shift work soon and Bodhi starting day care, we knew things had to change. I read books, I educated myself but I still wasn’t able to make the necessary changes without the help from Amanda! The support and accountability made all the difference. When she said ‘leave all the questions to me’ I was suddenly relieved! After implementing the plan, Bodhi was sleeping through the night by night 2! It was amazing! My little boy’s so much happier since and he loves his bedtime and new found sleep. As for my husband and I, we were thrilled and continue to be every night when we too, enjoy long glorious sleeps again. You can’t put a price on this service! It is amazing!”

– Lia

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