Brielle – 5 months

My wife Danielle and I found ourselves in a serious sleep bind over the Christmas holidays this year. We had been travelling for about a week and soon had our 5 month old baby not sleeping through the night and on a waking every 1.5-3 hour schedule. When my mother told me that my wife looked absolutely exhausted we decided to turn to our friend Alysa at SleepWell Baby. We were thoroughly impressed with Alysa’s knowledge and scientific approach to sleep. We were fascinated and learned many things about our baby’s circadian clock.

After a couple consults and a very convenient FaceTime session we were confident we had a plan to tackle our 5 month old baby sleep issues. We soon realized how important a strict sleep regiment is and although the first couple nights were tough we are 100% sold on the process and the results (We also realized that this program is more coach yourself VS coach the baby). We didn’t realize how out of sorts our daughter was and how sleep deprived she really was until about a week into the process. We saw our happy, energized, and calm baby again. Our baby is a different person! She is well rested and well adjusted. The same can be said for my wife.

SleepWell Baby changed our lives and dramatically improved the happiness of our home. I am sure that most husbands will agree that a happy wife & baby makes for a happy life. Thanks again to Alysa and her team for taking us from a sleep deprived situation of coping to thriving. Thanks again!! Sleep well!

Brielle Sleeping Through the Night at 5 Months

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