Brooklyn – 11 months old

“Amanda and the Sleepwell Baby Program completely changed our lives!  Prior to meeting Amanda, our 10 month old woke up several times a night and had recently began to refuse to sleep in her crib.  We had previously tried other sleep training programs but found them to be generic and unsuccessful.  We did not believe in trying the “cry it out” method, so we felt we had exhausted all options, until we met Amanda.

Amanda reassured us that our experience was normal and her program would teach our daughter how to put herself to sleep without sleep aids or props.  Amanda was very compassionate and understanding of our situation.  As soon as we met Amanda for the initial consultation, she made us feel at ease with her warm personality and we trusted her immediately. She created a customized sleep plan that would work for our family and told us that we would see results within 3 days. We saw improvements by night 2! By the 6th night, our little angel was sleeping through the night and having 2 naps daily!

This program has given us predictability in our schedule, time together as a couple, a happier baby and a well rested family! Amanda checked in with us daily and helped us adjust the program depending on how our daughter was responding. She was very helpful and we couldn’t have done this without her guidance. I cannot believe we suffered for so long when there was a simple solution out there for us. We felt like tired and frustrated zombies, but now we are normal people again! Thank you so much Amanda!”

– Tanya, Stace & Brooklyn

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