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January 10, 2016
My husband and I weren’t getting much sleep. Our daughter was waking about 3 or 4 times a night during which I would nurse her back to sleep. We were very sleep-deprived. A friend told us about her positive experience with SleepWell Baby and we wanted to see if it would work for us. The staff that we spoke with were friendly and we were assigned a sleep consultant, Kelsey. Our first couple of nights were difficult but rewarding and within a week our daughter was sleeping mostly through the night. There were a few challenges to deal with on this journey. For example, our daughter shares a room with us. Night wakings are not easy when you are sleeping in the same room. Also, we have two daughters, age 9 and 10 who are very busy with recreational activities and the recommended bedtime for our baby wasn’t working for us. With my husband’s work schedule and the kids’ busy schedule, we are often away from home in the evening. This means that an early bedtime for our daughter isn’t possible. I thought that would be the end of our agreement with SleepWell Baby but Kelsey was willing to work with our schedule instead us having to change it. She gave us tools to deal with late bedtimes. I learned that every situation isn’t perfect but we can adapt to them. It is important for me to think about what an improvement it has made in the quality of our daughter’s sleep as well as ours. We now are able to sleep through the night and if there is a night-waking it is usually short and we can deal with it decisively. The phone contact and email support gave us the confidence to complete the necessary sleep training and we want to thank Kelsey and SleepWell Baby for their help and showing us that we don’t have to suffer with no sleep or do it alone!

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