Cahllie – 5 months old

“We were slowly losing all of our energy and free time trying to get Cahllie to sleep for naps and at night.  We had been longing for sleep during a particularly rough time and decided to put her in the swing to sleep, after she became well we had a hard time moving her back to her crib, she would wake up after 30 minutes and be quite angry about it.  We wanted to move her back to her crib and not have to work so hard to get her to sleep, each day when it came time for a nap or to go to bed for the night we would have to walk around the house, bouncing her, patting her back, and soothing her as much as possible to put her to sleep.  Many nights we would be up past 11pm trying to get her to sleep.  We were not sleeping well and decided to research methods to help get her to sleep when we came across Amanda and the SleepWell Baby program.  There was support every step of the way and when something wasn’t working, Amanda was quick to give us another way to make the program work for our situation.  We are so happy to have our evenings back and for Cahllie to be getting the restful sleep she deserves.  Our entire family is happy!  And all of this happened in the first week of the program!”

– Kristen & Tyler

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