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SleepWell Spotlight [May]

Name: Teagen Wiwchar from Delisle, SK Age of child or children we helped: 9 months Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help: Our baby would only sleep a consecutive 60 minutes during the night. Every hour on the dot he would wake up and continue to be awake until he […]

Sleep, Mental Health and Finding the Path back to JOY

It’s no surprise that becoming a mother is a huge life change.  Everyone knows that, and we were ready for it.  We bought the stuff – the crib, the wrap, the tiny booties and the diapers.  I was prepared for the poopy diapers and the constant worrying and even for the multitude of nighttime needs.  […]

How to Swaddle Baby and Transition from Swaddling

As a new parent, you’ll spend a lot of time working to calm your baby down and help him or her sleep. Sleep is absolutely essential during the first year:  it sets your children up for a lifetime of healthy development and healthy sleep habits. There are many steps to create long-term, healthy sleep patterns, […]

Harrison – 12 months waking every 3 hours.

We had reached the end of our rope when we gave SleepWell Baby a call. Our 12 month old was waking up every three hours at night, and would not go back to sleep unless we rocked him. And rocked, and rocked, and rocked. Sometimes all night. Naps were almost non-existent during the day. We […]

Update from our SleepWell Family Alumni

“Hi there! I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas! Hannah started daycare this week and it’s going awesome. They are so amazed at her sleeping habits! We still can’t thank you enough for your help back in August. Even with a runny nose, cutting two new teeth and starting daycare, her sleep has not […]

Busy Family – lots of activities.

January 10, 2016 My husband and I weren’t getting much sleep. Our daughter was waking about 3 or 4 times a night during which I would nurse her back to sleep. We were very sleep-deprived. A friend told us about her positive experience with SleepWell Baby and we wanted to see if it would work […]

Sleep Update – Wyatt (2 years old)

This has been such a game changer for us. We have seen such an improvement in his behaviour that it is driving us to keep at it and stay confident that he will completely turn around. Just this morning when I dropped him at the sitters, it hit home. He walked up to a little […]

5 Holiday Travel Child Sleep Tips to Avoid Cranky Kids

Does the holiday season tend to disrupt your child’s sleep schedule? The holidays tend to be a busy time of year, with shopping for gifts, visiting family, and staying up late to enjoy the festivities. All of the hustle and bustle can definitely have an impact on your child’s sleep, so here are some simple […]

The Family Meeting

Think back to a time before the pitter patter of little feet filled your home. You probably spent most of your days in the workplace and lack of sleep was not an issue that affected your life. When something important happened at work and needed to be addressed you were likely invited to a meeting. […]