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‘In just a few days, our lives completely changed’

  Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help Our two boys regularly fell asleep around 10:30 pm, sometimes 11 pm. We thought they were just night owls, like we are. We spent a lot of money on evening babysitting when we needed to meet deadlines. And even after […]

Holden – 6 years

After a bumpy start with a premature baby, my husband and I struggled to get our baby to sleep independently. Part of it was our lack of confidence to sleep train him and another part was a baby who became reliant on mom’s cuddles to get to (and stay) asleep. Fast forward to 6 years […]

Star Sleeper of the Month: Holden

This is Amanda G’s testimony. Her son Holden was 6.5 years old when we worked together. Holden was unable to fall asleep on his own and would wake in the middle of night and needed someone to lay next to in order to go back to bed. We heard about SleepWell Baby through word of mouth. […]

Jayden – 3 years old

“Working with Amanda has been very easy as she made me feel like I was talking to my girlfriend about my child’s lack of ability to really get the sleep she needed. The steps, guidance and knowledge she provided our family made perfect sense. Her encouragement and re-assurance allowed us to really help Jayden achieve […]

Aidan – 6 3/4 years old

“We hired Amanda after a glowing recommendation from a neighbor.  At the time, our 4 and 6 years olds were difficult to put to sleep with tuck ins that could last almost an hour, had frequent nighttime awakenings  and were notoriously early risers (our household rarely slept until 6am).  We were terrified of the long term […]