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9 Month Old Baby Boy

Name: Teagen Wiwchar from Delisle, SK Age of child or children we helped: 9 months Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help: Our baby would only sleep a consecutive 60 minutes during the night. Every hour on the dot he would wake up and continue to be awake until he […]

Brennan – 4 months

Name: Katrina Bendel from LeRoy, Saskatchewan Age of child or children we helped: 4 Months Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help: Brennan became a co-sleeper after his 2 month vaccinations, and from that point we couldn’t seem to get him back into his bassinet at nights. It made for some incredibly long […]

‘Teresa helped me get my life back’

Name: Heather O. from Niverville, Manitoba Age of child or children we helped: 5 months Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help: We were co-sleeping and both needed to get more rest! How did you find or hear about SleepWell Baby?: Internet Please describe your first impressions of SleepWell Baby: […]

‘Alysa worked miracles for our family…’

I am so grateful for having the chance to meet Alysa. She turned our sleepless nights into 11 hours of sound sleep! In just a few days, my baby became happier, calmer and more patient with everything. We no longer needed the pacifier for everything and I could plan our days. I also have time […]

‘definitely worth every penny…’

Prior to contacting SleepWell Baby, we were having a lot of challenges getting our little one to sleep through the night. Her naps were also a struggle as she would only sleep if she was in someones arms. As an exclusively breast feeding mom, our little one could only soothe herself if she was on […]

Busy Family – lots of activities.

January 10, 2016 My husband and I weren’t getting much sleep. Our daughter was waking about 3 or 4 times a night during which I would nurse her back to sleep. We were very sleep-deprived. A friend told us about her positive experience with SleepWell Baby and we wanted to see if it would work […]

From a SleepWell Dad :)

For the Dad’s out there, I was once like you. Our little guy was doing alright, the odd waking at night for a feeding, sleeping on and off through-out the day. We were figuring it out, sorta, step by step like all new parents. Then bam, at 6 months he decided 2 hours was his […]

“We have the skills to work through bumps”

I am so grateful for your expertise, guidance and support! I no longer have fear of how our baby will adjust to daycare or of how his sleep deprivation is affecting his health. We still have progress to make and we will continue this journey as he develops and changes, but now we have the […]

Cohen – 6 months

Cohen was an awesome sleeper around the 2-3 month stage. However, once he hit the 4 month mark his sleep started to regress and got worse and worse. By 6 months we were waking up 10 times a night to rock, feed, soothe him back to sleep! As well, Cohen had reflux and refused to […]

“It was mentally and physically exhausting…”

“Working with Kelsey and SleepWell Baby has been the best decision we’ve made on our parenting journey so far. Our sweet baby, though a joy, was never a great sleeper, but when she got sick at five months old, our entire routine went out the window. She would wake every 1.5 to 2 hours and […]