Charlotte – 6 months old

“To say that Amanda changed my life is an understatement!! Before meeting her our six month old baby girl’s sleep situation had gone from bad to worse. Charlotte had taken 95% of her naps since birth in a wrap and the other 5% were in the car. These naps were never longer than 30 minutes. At night she slept in a bassinet in our room or in our bed with us. In the last few weeks before meeting Amanda I could no longer get Charlotte to nap in the wrap at all as she was outgrowing it and she was waking up 6-8 times throughout the night. We were exhausted and way too much of my day was spent just trying to get Charlotte to nap any way I could (which is horribly inconvenient since we also have a two year old).

I was very skeptical when Amanda told me that Charlotte would be napping in her crib and sleeping through the night at the end of the two weeks we would be working together. I had read at least ten books on babies and sleep and had never achieved anything remotely close to that. We had tried many strategies from the No Cry Sleep Solution but were unsuccessful. I was so exhausted that I could no longer even process all the sleep information that I was reading in order to try something new. I told Amanda that I just needed someone to tell me step by step how to get my baby to SLEEP! Well Amanda did just that. She laid out a plan for my husband and I to follow that would not leave our daughter alone to cry (something we were not willing to do). We followed the plan exactly that first night and Charlotte slept in her crib from 8:30pm until 6:15am without waking up!!!!!!! We were completely shocked and so grateful for a full night sleep for ourselves and our daughter. The next day I followed the plan for her naps and like magic Charlotte had two naps IN HER CRIB and they each lasted about two hours. Since then Charlotte is sleeping from approximately 7:00pm-6:00am without any wake ups. She hasn’t had a single night wakening since we started the program eleven days ago. Each nap has been in her crib and all last so much longer than she ever slept in the wrap.

Now I have more meaningful time during the day to spend with my two year old and everyone in our household is so much happier and rested. I cannot even begin to explain how different my life was two weeks ago before meeting Amanda. I just wish she had been around to help me when my first daughter was born. My friends are calling her the Sleep Wizard. Everyone wants to know how she did it! I’m just so grateful to her for her help and constant guidance during these days. She achieved what I seriously thought was impossible in the first day of working together!!! I cannot stress enough how wonderful she is to work with and what a HUGE difference she has made in our lives.”

– Jennifer

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