Cora – 5 months old

Our first sign of sleep trouble was when Cora was eight weeks old. It was like a switch flipped and suddenly she jolted awake at 20 minutes into every nap. Thus began the swaddling, bouncing, rocking routine we used to get her to extend her naps. Luckily she was still sleeping well at night, with one or two feedings. Then, at 3.5 months, two wakings became three, then four, and so on. When we contacted Amanda, we had a five month old baby who couldn’t nap on her own for more than 20 minutes and who had woken every 45 minutes to an hour for the last 6 weeks. We were also using every sleep prop in the book, nursing, rocking and bouncing to sleep and she was still swaddled. We were at the end of our ropes and didn’t know how to break the bad habits we had created.

We met with Amanda on a Saturday. That night Cora slept unswaddled in her crib for 12 hours. She woke once, and quickly settled back to sleep. The following night she woke twice and went back to sleep easily. The third night and each night since, she has slept 11-13 hours on her own. If we do hear her wake, she goes back to sleep with no assistance.

On the Sunday after we met Amanda, Cora had two 90 minute naps, something at hadn’t happened since she was two months old! Since then, her naps are coming along really well. They aren’t always ninety minutes long, but she is always able to put herself to sleep in her crib. I am able to actually get some things done during the day!

To top it all off, two weeks after meeting Amanda we travelled away from home for Christmas. We spent 3 nights away from home and Cora needed to sleep in several unfamiliar places. Also, she woke up Christmas morning with a nasty cold. She continued to sleep through the night regardless of location and even with a cold! We are beyond thrilled with the progress we have made and my husband was so happy that he was able to play such a large role in helping our daughter to sleep. Amanda made the process as painless as possible and was there to support us every step of the way. We will continue to refer her to all of our friends with children, it was easily the best decision we could have made for our family.

– Josh, Jess & Cora

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