Dane – 10 1/2 months old

“We were very hesitant to sleep train our 10.5 month old son. We had some big obstacles to overcome – stroller napping, feeding to sleep, soothers, still sleeping in our room, and night wakings (which usually ended in him coming into bed with us for the rest of the night). Amanda gave us a plan that we admit at the time we were very hesitant to implement because he seemed to have so many issues and we thought it would be so hard on him (and us of course!). But the great thing was that we finally had a plan and someone to hold us to it. Amanda did just that and she was very supportive. Amanda adjusted the plan as necessary and we now have a wonderful sleeper! Instead of going to bed every night when our son does (because we needed the rest!) we have the freedom to put him to bed and enjoy some adult time in the evenings. Everyday will not be perfect but at least we now know what to do with each situation. We are so happy that we worked with Amanda to do this.”

– Jen and Gerry

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