Dasia – 14 months old

Due to a close call early in life, and being a shift work household, we made parenting choices that got us through. Without intending, we were attachment parenting. Our little one slept with us until 14 months, and was up every 2-3 hours and needed me to nurse her back to sleep. She was always so happy, so I just viewed the nights as our time. But after going back to work, and having to get up at 5:30, her 11pm bedtime and frequent night wakings made for one tired mama. I was near a breaking point! Enter our fairy godmother!

Amanda was a dream to work with. When I first spoke with her she said our little one would be sleeping through the night in 2 weeks. I thought for sure that was best case scenario and our active and spirited daughter would put up a little bit more of a fight – But we trusted her – I needed to!! Amanda was so reassuring. She made a sleep plan that worked for us and our family – something that we would be comfortable with. In a matter of 4 nights she went from sleeping with us, and having to nurse back to sleep every 2-3 hours, to sleeping in her own room, in her crib -through the night! She can now put herself back to sleep if she wakes, and sings herself to sleep at night. It is amazing! I didn’t think it would go so quickly or smoothly! AND she is now more active and talkative – two things I didn’t think were possible!!

My mother, who helps with childcare for us while we are both at work, was a skeptic from the beginning. She thought that sleeplessness and motherhood were synonymous, so didn’t see the need for change. However, since Amanda’s help, she has said she is so impressed with the changes that our babe has made and wishes Amanda would have been around to teach me how to sleep through the night before the age of 5!

I tell everyone I know we found our sleep genie!! She has given me my only wish – and worked magic in our home!! Thank you Amanda for all your help!!

Take care,

– Lindsay


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