‘definitely worth every penny…’

Prior to contacting SleepWell Baby, we were having a lot of challenges getting our little one to sleep through the night. Her naps were also a struggle as she would only sleep if she was in someones arms. As an exclusively breast feeding mom, our little one could only soothe herself if she was on my breast. She would only sleep for small stretches during the night before she would need to soothe again, and she would wake immediately if we tried to put her down during the day for a nap. After discussing our sleeping concerns with my sister, who had used SleepWell Baby in the past, we decided to look into using it ourselves. My husband was a little hesitant about the cost up front, but we knew that in order for everyone to be happy, we all needed more sleep. We were introduced to Kelsey and from the start she was fantastic. She was supportive, took the time to understand our babies situation, and created a plan specific to her needs and that we were comfortable trying. The first few nights were challenging, but with Kelsey’s continuing support and encouragement we managed to get her sleeping on her own and soothing herself to bed. I literally don’t know what I would have done without SleepWell Baby. We are all happier, and we have noticed a big change in our little ones mood and energy level. Kelsey also gave us all of the tools we need going forward to make sure we stay on track and our baby gets all the sleep she needs. After going through the process, it was definitely worth every penny. Thank you so much!

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