Ellise – 2.6 years old

Well I am not sure if we choose the best or worst time to do sleep training. A New job looming, hubby in the thick of harvest, two busy kids, (aged 2.5 and 4) who do not sleep and a million things on my to do list we had a really rough night. We were up from 2am – 5am and then up for the day not long after. Nights like this were very common in our household and had been for the past 4 years. But now there was going to be a new ‘normal’ and there was no way I could get so little sleep and get up early feeling refreshed and be able to teach a group of little tots the next day at school.

Being a stay at home mom for 4+ years, sleep deprivation became my norm and it had recently got worse (numerous night wakings every night, crawling into our bed, our youngest still had her soother and held on to it tightly.) So when I called and first spoke about getting help I was a little leery as I had read numerous books and tried numerous methods. I just figured my kids were really bad sleepers. Patti helped us get a sleep plan in place, which I was feeling like -ah this seem so simple, all things i have read or tried. well….. Trust me. I hadn’t truly, actually or correctly done most of these things!! Yes I might have tried some here and there. But first sign of resistance and I bailed. Or in the middle of the night brought them to our bed. It was easier and I was exhausted.

Patti showed great patience, knowledge and compassion for everything we were going through. She was quick to respond to all emails and always had encouraging and supportive words. I really struggled with the sleep schedule and had many setbacks. So much so that I was ready to give up and go back to old ways half way through. But Patti came back on board and encouraged, pushed and rallied behind me that much more. I knew I had to be accountable to myself and my girls and get everyone sleeping. No one else was going to do it.

We worked really hard and with all of the guidance we were given our youngest is finally sleeping all night!!! I’m so happy when she strolls into our room in the morning with a big grin on her face saying “I sleep all night-my bed!” she is so proud of herself and is a much happier little girl. We have also seen improvements in how she interacts with her sister and potty training got right back on track!!

Thank you to this wonderful program, all the support and the gift of sleep. I will be going down this road much sooner should another baby ever come along!!

I would recommend this program to anyone out there who is struggling a little or a lot. Sleep is so very important and worthwhile. Make it a priority in your house!! I don’t regret doing it in mine.

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