Emma – 3 months old

“As a newborn, our daughter Emma would sleep anywhere, anytime. We enjoyed holding and snuggling her and often thought, “Wow, this baby sleep stuff is easy!” As Emma got closer to 8 weeks of age however, her sleep habits began to change. She was not the little newborn who would sleep easily anymore. We began resorting to every prop in the book to get her to sleep: ssh-ing, bouncing, rocking, swinging, swaddling and the use of a soother. Our days were spent holding her while she napped and our nights were spent trying to get her to sleep (which sometimes took hours) and waking up frequently during the night to put her soother back in or give her swing a push.

By the time Emma was about two and a half months old, we were stressed out, frustrated, tired and had no time to ourselves. We were reading many books about baby sleep and were spending frantic time online trying to look up strategies and tips to get Emma to sleep on her own, in her crib. The amount of information out there was overwhelming us and we were hastily trying to piece together some sort of plan without much success.

I had picked up a SleepWell Baby information card at a local baby store when Emma was younger, but never thought I would have to use it. Well, after some particularly rough days, we decided to give Amanda a call. We met with Amanda on a Saturday afternoon. She walked us through, step-by-step, a customized plan to have Emma sleeping in her own crib, for both daytime naps and nighttime sleeping, without the use of any props. She gave us tips and strategies for specific situations, like night wakings and nap extension. She also gave us some information about teething and rolling and how to deal with those things.

We aren’t going to lie – that first night was challenging. However, it was very worth it! After that night, Emma has been consistently sleeping through the night in her own crib, waking only once to feed! Her naps are lengthening out as well and she is learning how to put herself back to sleep on her own. Emma’s sleep has become deeper and more restorative and so has ours. We also have time for ourselves now, which was definitely lacking in those first three months!

Amanda was a great support to us over the two weeks that we worked with her. She was easy to contact and happily answered the 1001 questions we had! She was very encouraging and was always quick to offer a positive comment to keep us on the right track. Because of Amanda’s help, Emma is a happier baby and we are happier parents. Thanks Amanda!”

– Jill and Mark

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