Two weeks ago, Emrick slept for only an hour at a time during the night, was up at least 3 times a night for an hour to play, and napped about 4 times a day for 20 minutes each nap. During his awake times, he was miserable. In fact, we couldn’t plan anything after 5pm (which we lovingly called “the witching hour”) due to Emrick’s severe crankiness. That is until we met our SleepWell Baby consultant. She gave us some recommendations for changes to Emrick’s crib and bedroom, and provided us with an easy to follow sleep plan. The very first night we saw a change, and by the second night, Emrick slept a 9 hour stretch. Emrick has made amazing progress since then and truly is a different baby. He is so happy now and everyone who knows him has noticed the difference.
Working with SleepWell Baby really has changed our lives. The advice and support Kristal provided was honestly invaluable. She is a great person, a wonderful consultant, and is super easy to talk to.
If your child needed glasses, you would have the optometrist order them right away. If he needed prescription medication, you wouldn’t delay going to the pharmacy. So why, if your child is having a hard time sleeping, wouldn’t you make the call to work with a sleep consultant?
Seriously. Life changing. For both you and your little one.
Emrick’s well rested Mom!

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