Ethan hasn’t been an easy baby from the start. A combination of colic and reflux meant days blurred together and sometimes it felt like we were just getting by. Add in that he was a poor sleeper, and we were at our wit’s end. It wasn’t until I didn’t feel safe driving with him that I realized how much his lack of sleep was really affecting us.

When it came to getting him to sleep, we tried it all..swings, swaddles, moving the crib around, aquariums, mobiles, soothers, car rides, co-sleeping, bottles, nursing him to sleep, etc. We both dreaded bedtime because it was such a battle to get him to sleep and KEEP him asleep. I would finally get him to sleep after an exhausting routine, only to have him wake up 20 minutes later, before I could even scarf down a quick supper and pass out from exhaustion. At that point, we were lucky if he slept more than an hour or two straight. After a particularly long night of me nursing him every hour to get him back to sleep, I knew we needed help.

Enter Sleepwell Baby.

I’ll admit, we were skeptical. But at that point, we felt we didn’t have another option. After our free consultation we set up our start day with Alysa. She was easy to talk to and sent us our customized sleep plan right away. We couldn’t wait to get started!

The first week and a half were really rough. Our guy was more stubborn than the average baby, and he was taking his own time adapting to the program. Despite how hard it was for us, he was making slow but steady progress. He still has some kinks to work out, but our baby sleeps 7-8 hours straight every night now! I can even feed him and put him back in his crib wide awake, and within minutes he’s fast asleep again.

I know we’ll hit bumps along the way, but Sleepwell Baby gave us the tools to be able to get back on track. If it wasn’t for Alysa answering my emails every day and reassuring me that it would work and Ethan would sleep, I don’t know if I could have stuck with the program.

We now have a happy and well-rested baby who is such a joy to be around. We can’t thank Sleepwell Baby enough for giving us the gift of sleep!

Andrea, Tyler, and Ethan

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