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SleepWell Baby has become a trusted source for sleep facts and information. With a team of sleep professionals educated in the science of sleep and sleep solutions that work, SleepWell Baby is the best source for current information on sleep. SleepWell Baby has had lots of media coverage and has been featured on Fox News, CBC Radio, CTV News and Global News to name a few.

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  • Tips to Help Your Child While Traveling

    20th Dec 2014
    Fox News
    If you're having anxiety about traveling with your kids watch Amanda Hudye, founder of SleepWell Baby sleep consulting, on Fox News in New York where she shares tips to help your child sleep while traveling and during holidays.

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      The Road to Sleeping Through the Night

      27th Mar 2015
    • SleepWell Baby Shares DST Sleep Tips

      7th Mar 2015
      800 CJBQ Belleville, Ontario
      In this radio segment, we discuss DST. We take you through how to make the time transition with the smallest sleep interruption possible. From how to handle daytime naps to how to make the bedtime time switch.
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      4 Tips to Help Kids Adjust to Daylight Saving

      5th Mar 2015
      Global News Saskatoon
      The Daylight Savings time change can affect our sleep routine especially if we're not well rested. Most provinces in Canada, with the exception of Saskatchewan, change their clocks twice a year. Amanda Hudye, shares tips to prepare for the time change including strategies to move nap time.
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      Should You Let Your Baby Cry it Out?

      25th Feb 2015
      CTV News Saskatoon
      Alysa Dobson, author of The Truth of Crying and Sleep shares important sleep research that will help parents make an informed decision when it comes to baby and child sleep. Learn more about the top sleep myths.
    • Workplace Fatigue a Concern for Saskatchewan Vehicle Operators

      18th Feb 2015
      Global News
      SleepWell Baby sleep consultant, Alysa Dobson, talks to Global News about the imporance of sleep for adults and the benefits of having a sleep routine to help you fall asleep quickly and get a restful sleep. See the full story.
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      Dear Weary Mother Whose Baby Won't Sleep

      7th Jan 2015
      Nurse Loves Farmer
      We know you are tired and you want sleep. You're desperate. You've tried everything and read all the books, but nothing you have tried helped your baby sleep. We know we can help get your baby sleeping. Certified sleep consultant, Alysa Dobson, gives you a glimpse of what it would be like if you took that first step and called SleepWell Baby.
    • The Importance of Sleep

      30th Dec 2014
      Global News
      Approximately, 60% of Canadians report feeling tired most of the day. Amanda Hudye, President of SleepWell Baby, talks to Global News about the health benefits of sleep and the science of sleep deprivation. Watch the video for great tips to make sleep a priority in 2015.
    • Healthy Living Tips from SleepWell Baby

      10th Oct 2014
      Global News
      Sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle, a good night sleep is as important as a healthy diet. In this segment we discuss how much sleep a baby needs all the way up to adult sleep needs. We also discuss at what point you should consider using a sleep consultant.
    • Cell Phone Sleep Distractions May Lead to Weight Gain

      14th Oct 2014
      Global News
      It’s usually the first thing people check when they wake up and last thing they look at before they go to bed; cell and smart phones are around day and night. A recent study suggests having the phone plugged in beside you when you’re sleeping can cause weight gain. The blue light from the phone in the middle of the night might seem harmless but it can do more than affect your beauty sleep.
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      Still Struggling Getting Back into a School Sleep Routine

      29th Aug 2014
      CBC Radio
      How to get back into a sleep schedule after the lazy hazy days of summer. Sleep is essential for our children to thrive in school. Jen answers all your questions including; how early should we be putting our children to bed, how to juggle those extracurricular activities and bedtime, and the effective, fun steps of a bedtime routine. We will get you back to school and well rested in no time at all!
    • Time to Get Back into a School Sleep Routine

      27th Aug 2014
      Global News
      SSuccess at school starts with sleep so when our children are well rested they’re able to cope with their day and thrive and excel versus being sleep deprived and tired, it really makes for a tough day for them so we want to set them up for success and we need to protect their sleep.
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      8 Signs You're an Exhausted New Mom

      Scarry Mommy
      You'll be laughing (or crying) knowing that you're not the only one who has experienced the sleep deprivation of a new baby. Mom and certified child sleep consultant, Alysa Dobson, takes a humorous look at the sleep woes of new parents.
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      Work Life Balance Tips from Mompreneurs

      Launch Grow Joy
      Have you ever wondered how to cultivate that work life balance that everyone talks about? If you're a mom and have started your own business then these 90 work life balance tips from entrepreneurs are a must read.
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      Baby Sleep Cheat Sheet

      30th Aug 2014
      Pregnant Chicken
      How much sleep does my baby need? How can I get my baby to sleep longer? How many naps should my child be taking throughout the day? How can I tell when my baby is tired? These are all questions (and more) we answer for our friends at Pregnant Chicken.
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      Why Your Newborn Should NOT be Sleeping Through the Night

      Pregnant Chicken
      If you have a newborn and are feeling pressure from that well-meaning old lady or anyone else who asks you the two standard new baby questions, here are the reasons why newborns should not be sleeping through the night.
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      Rethinking the Four Month Sleep Regression

      Pregnant Chicken
      Why does it seem that your baby’s sleep has become a nightmare at the four month mark? The change is due to your child’s neurological development. Day and night sleep is organized which means that if we don’t follow our baby’s biological rhythms in how we offer sleep, our child will become overtired. Here’s how to re-think sleep regression and opt for opportunity at the four month mark.
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      Halloween Night is Scary Enough Without a Bedtime Battle

      30th Oct 2013
      CTV News Sasktoon
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      Parenting Week Tackles Sleep Questions on CTV News

      23rd Oct 2013
      CTV News Sasktoon
      In this segment, we discuss night terrors – what they are, how to deal with them and how to avoid them. How does sleep props encourage night wakings and interrupt sleep cycles. How and when to transition from crib to toddler bed and how to deal with older childrens bedtime stalling tactics.
    • Sleep Routine for Kids

      26th Aug 2013
      Global News Regina
      In this segment we discuss how to bring bedtime earlier for our children. We talk about the importance of a family meeting, sleep charts, focus on a structured bedtime routine. How should we set up a bedroom so our children are ready for a good nights sleep.
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      Live Chat Q & A with Sleep Consultant for Babies

      10th May 2013
      CBC Radio
      We answer your questions! What is a sleep consultant and what does a customized plan look like? How many hours of sleep per night should my baby be sleeping? What appraoch do you recommend with a toddler struggling at bedtime?