Grant – 6 months

Megan at SleepWell Baby really helped me gain the confidence I needed to help improve my son’s naps. Grant is my second child, and my other son, my four year old had learned to become a great sleeper and napper, and I was sure I knew what to do the second time around. For the most part I did, and Grant started off as a good sleeper in comparison to my older son! But it just seemed that although his naps were regular, I couldn’t get him over the forty minute mark, and I really had tried everything, I swear! And of course, nearing six months old, Grant’s day sleep was starting to affect night sleep, and I had enough, and I just couldn’t figure out what to do anymore, and the naps were becoming even shorter… There is only so much one can do with another child to take care of as well.

Megan’s help gave me the confidence I needed to get Grant’s naps to solidify, and his night sleep to go back to normal. However, his night sleep didn’t go back to normal; he started to sleep for twelve hours at night! He is breastfed, and I’ve never noticed any lack of milk supply. I’ve started to be able to do things as well such as go on a few “dates” with my four year old on the weekend, exercise, never mind keep up with all the preparing solid foods. My husband and I were even able to sneak in a Valentine’s Day date! Grant’s naps still aren’t perfect, but we are definitely on track to get there thanks to Megan.

6 Month Old Baby Not Sleeping - Grant

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