Grayden – 4 months

At 10 weeks, my son Grayden, starting waking every half hour, hour, or, if I was lucky, 2 hours!!!  Before 10 weeks, things seemed good, normal lengths of sleep, then suddenly it went south.  I thought, growth spurt! But after 5-7 days of this, I started feeling very lost and somewhat frustrated. I read books, spoke with other moms seeking ideas, but to no avail. As the weeks passed, I couldn’t wait for the 16 week mark.  I called Amanda the very day he turned 16 weeks, and she set me up with Veronica that very evening! I started the very next night! It was a relief to be able to start immediately!

Veronica was and is amazing! She has a heart of gold. She is extremely good at what she does. She is the next province over and it blows me away how she can “diagnose” what and why Grayden was doing (and sometimes occasionally still does try to pull tricks, as expected from our little ones:) as he tried to push my buttons as the 2 week journey unfolded. She was amazing at reassuring me when I was having a hard time coping with Grayden’s protest cries.  She was there with me every step of the way.  The amount of knowledge that I learnt,  far outweighs the cost of the 2 week package I went with.  The knowledge Veronica has and shared with me just blew me away. Veronica was very accommodating and customized the sleep plan to myself and Grayden.  I wasn’t ready to cut out night feeds completely, so she incorporated one night feed, to be taken out later when I was ready. Once my 2 weeks were up, it was nice to know if I had a quick question I could drop her a line. So I wasn’t just let go, hoping for best. She also set me up for the future changes that Grayden will go through, dropping the third, then second nap.  Milestones, travelling, time changes, etc. Now, when I place Grayden in his crib, he literally rolls over and goes to sleep, whether it’s nap time or bedtime. He is very happy to sleep!  I have now taken out the night feed, I was worried about how Grayden would react. I was able to speak with Veronica for reassurance and to confirm my plan, things went amazing. Grayden sleeps 12 solid hours! And 2 solid naps now! Thank you Amanda and Veronica! I spread the word to many!  Best money I have EVER spent!
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