Greta – 2.5 yrs & Sam – 8 months old

“It was taking 3-4 hours to put our 2-year old daughter to bed and our 8-month old would breastfeed all night.  It was guaranteed by 1 am everyone would be in our bed until the morning.  Now the kids sleep in their own beds all night! They love going to bed and it only takes 20-30 minutes to get them down (from the start of the routine to putting them into their beds.  We were always 2nd guessing ourselves and it was helpful to have a coach to guide us through these important changes.  The sleep plans were extremely easy to follow and never once took us out of our comfort zone.  Most importantly it was not difficult on the kids as they seemed to embrace it and took to their new sleep plan within days. Our lives have changed.  We are rested, happy and we are having fun again instead of just trying to make it through the day. Words cannot explain how grateful we are.”

– Melanie

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