Halle – 3 years old

My daughter Halle has never slept all night. She would always wake 2 – 6 times a night an sometimes be awake 2-5 hours at a time just restless an couldn’t sleep. Halle also needed to drink milk every time she would wake, an she would twist her hands in my hair to go back to sleep. She only would let mommy put her to sleep also.
First impressions were great Amanda was super at explaining everything so well an being totally confident I would soon have a toddler that slept all night. Just knowing I had Amanda’s full support every step of the way gave me strength to push through to our goal!
Working with SleepWell Baby has been amazing! Amanda has been there every step of the way guiding us every day through this journey to getting our toddler to sleeping all night. Amanda laid out a sleep plan for us that has worked so well!!
We have got unbelievable results! Our daughter is sleeping 12 to 13 hours straight through the night. She goes to sleep all on her own an she looks forward to bed time. She is so happy an well rested during the day life has become so easy we are one happy family with all the sleep we are getting.
I recommend SleepWell Baby to anyone with children not sleeping all night. I’m soon having our second child I will be contacting SleepWell if my second child has sleep issues. My husband lance an myself our just in awe everyday of how easy bedtime an night is we have never experienced this before an it seems un real that this is our new reality!

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