Harper – 6 1/2 months old

Harper (6.5 months) was a great sleeper right from the start – she was sleeping in 6 hour stretches at night by 3 weeks. Everything was going great until about 3 months when she seemed to “wake up” from her newborn stupor. My great sleeper disappeared and it seemed like someone had replaced her with a little gremlin! She would only sleep in 45 minute stretches during the day and I was lucky if I got 3 hours at night.

I bought every sleep book I could find and read every blog and website possible on the subject. During my searching I found Amanda’s website, but didn’t think that I needed a sleep consultant – I felt that I knew everything that I needed to know from all my hours of reading and research and that if I just gave it time, I would get my great sleeper back. Things just seemed to get worse though. Harper was completely dependent on so many “props” to help her sleep – swaddle, white noise, rocking, nursing, and pacifier.

Finally, one desperate night as I was into my 3rd (!!) hour of trying to nurse Harper to sleep, I rediscovered Amanda’s website and wrote her a frantic email with one hand as I rocked Harper in the other while I bawled my eyes out.

Amanda responded to my email almost immediately and we quickly set up a time to talk further. Even though Amanda was out of the country, essentially on holidays, she fast tracked things for me and within 4 days we had our sleep plan and were ready to implement it! She completely went above and beyond to ensure that I had a plan in place quickly so that we could have things under control before the Christmas holidays and our vacation.

I was so skeptical when Amanda said we were going to lose all the sleep props (except the white noise) at once on the first night, and I’m not going to lie and say it was easy, but it went much more smoothly than I had anticipated. And things kept improving very quickly. I couldn’t believe that after just a couple of days I had my great sleeper back! Of course there were setbacks, but as Amanda says: ” progress, not perfection”. Amanda was there every single step of the way to reassure me and answer all my questions – even if I had to email her 4 times a day with them! That is what makes this program so different and so FANTASTIC – Amanda! She didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know from reading all my books, but I would’ve given up on the first night if she wasn’t there supporting me. She’s the only reason I kept marching on with the sleep plan. And she kept in touch for as long as it took for Harper to have a regular routine and for me to run out of questions to ask:)

Exactly one month later my life is dramatically different. Harper consistently sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes 2 naps that last 1.5-2 hours! I can actually leave my house in the evenings without worrying that she’ll wake up and need me to nurse her back to sleep. And I have time to myself during the day again instead of spending an hour trying to get Harper to fall asleep for 45 minutes.

I can’t recommend Amanda enough – she helped me get my sanity and my happy baby back!

– Leanne

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