Hayley – 20 months old

“Let me start at the beginning. my daughter is almost 2 and has never slept through the night. She stopped napping about 3 months ago. We had to lay with her until she fell asleep then sneak out of her room. Bedtime was taking around 3 hours for her to fall asleep. Night wakings were horrible as she was waking around 5-8 times a night and some nights every hour. We were exhausted, frustrated and had zero down time. Life was pretty tiring to say the least. We started dreading bedtime because we knew one of us was going to be sleeping on her floor as that’s what it was taking for her to sleep.

Then I heard about Amanda though I friend I worked with. From the moment I spoke with her I was instantly at ease, there was light at the end of the tunnel and bedtime didn’t have to be this way. We had a great first chat over the phone and I set up an appointment the very next week to start our plan. Amanda came to the meeting prepared and we were truly excited to get started. She took the time to answer any questions or concerns we had and our sleep plan was tailored to our daughter. When we started our plan the ongoing support was fantastic. I felt like we had a cheerleader cheering us on giving us words of encouragement. Never a negative answer when our night didn’t go as planned. I knew exactly how our weeks would go and Amanda stayed in constant touch with us everyday through a phone call or a follow up email. We never felt alone in this journey, but stronger because we knew we could do anything with Amanda’s support. We felt like Amanda actually cared about our kids healthy sleeping, it wasn’t just for them but for us as well.

It was seriously the best experience we could have ever hoped for. We have well finished our 2 week sleep plan and Amanda still takes the time to check in and see how things are going. We aren’t just a number to her, we are a family that was in despite need of her help. I had never heard of a sleep therapist but I’m really glad I had that conversation with my friend or I don’t think I would have found her. We are so lucky to have had Amanda’s help and she has truly changed our lives and the lives of our daughter. She is a happy, well rested toddler who loves her bedtime now. The very first night of our plan our daughter Hayley slept through the night without her soother. And now 1 month later takes 2 hour naps and sleeps 12 hours a night. There is no more sleeping on her floor and she falls asleep on her own. I can’t believe how different our lives are and how thankful we are for Amanda’s help.

Seriously Amanda I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with Hayley. It has been the best experience ever and we feel like a better Mom & Dad because we are also getting the sleep we need. I can’t believe looking back how we functioned a few short months ago to now, how different our sleep is and how happy Hayley is. You truly have a gift and I can’t speak highly enough of how much you helped us, All my friends want to know my “magic” fix for Hayley’s sleep issues, I think I have talked about you at least 30 times lol because everyone who knew us knew our issues with Hayley. There is no magic fix, just routine, love and support and you have given us all 3.

Thank you thank you thank you for showing us our sleep again :)”

– Rob, Lisa, Spencer and Hayley

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