Henry 4 3/4 months

We are so glad we decided to ask Amanda for help with our 5 month old boy Henry.    We now have a peaceful and “normal” life with Henry.  Before SleepWell Baby, Henry needed all the props to sleep: swaddle, swing, nursed to sleep.  Henry would only go to sleep in a swing around 9 pm and wake 2-4 times a night.  I would always have to nurse him to sleep and never knew how long it would be until he woke again.  I never got more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep at a time. Every day was unpredictable and stressful: Henry never napped at the same time or duration so it was difficult to plan outings or meet up with friends.  I tried to get him to sleep in his crib with minimal success.  He would fuss and then start screaming. If he did fall asleep, he would startle away in a few minutes and start to scream.  I was utterly exhausted and at the end of my rope.  We needed help!

We worked with Patti, another certified sleep consultant with SleepWell Baby who was wonderful and amazing!  She was patient, honest and wise!  I was very skeptical that her plan would work but she sternly reassured me that if we followed the plan, Henry would sleep through the night unswaddled, in the crib within a couple of nights.  And he did!  She was a great coach and support for us!  She was always positive and confident that Henry would learn how to self-sooth and fall asleep on his own.  She answered all my questions thoroughly and by the end of our 2 weeks, I had a detailed “how-to” manual on how to get Henry to sleep and how to deal with challenges like regression, teething, sickness, travel, and nap transitions.  She taught us how to trust that Henry would figure it out and learn to sleep without props.  We also learned that it was OK to hear Henry cry and that he would eventually fall asleep.


I have to say, it wasn’t easy and there is no magical spell that got our child to sleep.   Patti warned us it would be hard but that we would get through it. There was lots of crying during the first week which was hard on all of us.   By the second night, Henrys slept for 10 hours straight! Each night got progressively better, with the exception of a few nights where he tested the system. After the first week, Henry was sleeping 11-12 hours straight. Occasionally, Henry wakes up early but he can usually put himself back to sleep until it’s time to wake up.  Henry has also learned to nap three times a day.  Naps took longer to come in but after 3 weeks, Henry falls asleep in the crib on his own within 10-15 minutes and stays asleep for 1-2 hours.

The techniques we used weren’t anything new.  The real value of SleepWell baby’s S.O.S package is in the assurance and support you get with your sleep consultant.  Patti not only gave us the tools, but the confidence to stick with the plan and help Henry sleep through the night.  Patti took all the guess work out of the equation and tweaked the plan as we went along.  It was a relief to know what we were doing would work as long as we were consistent and kept up with the routine.

Now, at week 3, we put Henry to bed at 7 pm and by 7:15 pm he is asleep, and Chad and I can have a peaceful dinner and evening to ourselves.  We now have a full night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day with Henry.   We can plan our day as we know when Henry will be awake, and when he needs his nap.   Best of all, we know that Henry is getting quality sleep.  SleepWell Baby S.O.S package was worth the investment!

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