Hudson – 14 months

Our 14 month old son has had 3 different medical problems since he was born, and due to the pain and agitation he had, he never slept more than a few hours at a time and it would take a minimum of half hour bouncing on a yoga ball to calm him and sooth him back to sleep. Finally we got to the bottom of his problems (acid reflux, fluid in the ears; got tubes put in, and intolerance to milk). But we then had a toddler that had never learned to sleep. We called Amanda and told her our story and she said they could help us. We were a little skeptical since we has been told so often that after we got each problem fixed he would start sleeping better. Amanda set us up with Patti and we started right away. We worked with her for two weeks with each night improving. We were amazed at how well Hudson took to the program! And with Patti’s help and advice we now get our much needed sleep as well as Hudson! Thanks Patti and SleepWell Baby!

Roly & Jen & Hudson.

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