Jackson – 7 1/2 months old

“The SleepWell Baby program, run by sleep consultant Amanda Hudye, is a great program that I would highly recommend to any parent who is having sleep difficulties with their children.  My son, who was 7.5 months old at the time the program started, had not yet slept through the night other than a handful of times.  At 5.5 months old, I had decided that I could no longer handle the exhaustion that came with a baby who wasn’t sleeping through the night.

I researched sleep training programs and decided on one that I thought would work best for my family.  I watched an online video and tried to do the program on my own.  I was not able to stick with the program and felt as though my son, my husband I needed more support through the process than just an informational video.  My son not only was not sleeping by the end of the “3 day” sleeping program, but his sleeping also became worse.  By the time I met with the sleep consultant, I was having difficulty getting him down for naps and bedtime, and he was waking every 45 minutes, crying intensely.  I would go in to try to comfort him and he would cry even harder.

After meeting with Amanda and discussing the sleep plan she suggested would be helpful, my husband and I started the program.  We found this program to be more manageable and we were able to stick to the plan.  We also had the support of Amanda, whom we talked with everyday during the program, which greatly helped the process because she could answer new questions that had come up and offer support when I was concerned about anything that was occurring during the training.  My son’s sleeping improved every night, and he was sleeping through the night before the program was even over.  What was really amazing, is that he got an eye infection in the middle of the training, and was still able to continue to sleep super well throughout the infection!  Since we finished the program, my son continues to sleep through the night and my family and I are getting the rest we have needed for so long thanks to Amanda Hudye and the SleepWell Baby program.”

– Tara, Adam & Jackson

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