Jaxon – 7 months old

“After spending several weeks getting up with our baby boy every two hours to nurse him back to sleep, who was 7 months old at the time, I felt totally exhausted could not keep it up. I had read so many books, online articles, and talked with friends/family, but still did not have a clear picture on how to help our little boy sleep through the night. I felt like I had become his soother to help him sleep. He was never really eating much but just falling back to sleep after a quick nurse. After trying for weeks, I did an online search for help, and thankfully found Amanda.

Amanda was quick to set up a consultation with us and get a plan started for our baby boy.  What I was most grateful for was the step by step and day by day plan she provided us with to best meet our babies needs. By the third night of our plan our boy slept through the whole night with zero wakings. Amanda’s support and sleep plan was amazing and she was right there to consult with on a daily basis with any questions that came up. Our baby has learned the skills he needs to self sooth himself and put himself to sleep. We now have an amazing little sleeper who naps twice a day, and sleeps 11 to 12 hours a night. Not to mention, he goes to bed awake and puts himself to sleep!!!!   Amanda’s sleep plan and support was truly exceptional and we are very grateful to have worked with her.”

– Ronda

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