Jude – 6 months

Jude did not sleep. When I say that I mean that he was a highly irritable little baby who would have 20-minute naps sporadically throughout the day and at 5 months of age was waking up throughout the night. This was my biggest fear coming true as a first time mom. I am a person who has always needed a lot of sleep, and this was not something that was happening for anyone in our house. I now realize that his lack of sleep was not really his fault. We never taught him the skills that he needed to sleep. As soon as he made a noise we would instantly pick him up. I just thought that he was perpetually hungry and that is why he was waking up. We would talk to our friends and they would gush about how well their kids were sleeping and how Jude would sleep eventually. Due to his lack of sleep, he was a grumpy little guy and I felt that we always had to tell people that he was just tired. We were tired. The only times that we could guarantee that he would sleep was when he was in the car seat, so we took many trips around town.


I met Veronica at a Mommy Connections class after a presentation that she made on SleepWell Baby.  Prior to my experience, if someone had told me that they used a sleep consultant I would have thought that they were crazy! My thoughts changed rapidly as I listened to her share her story. I knew that she came into our life for a reason! As a teacher I acknowledged the fact that we needed to teach Jude the skills of sleep, and this was something that we were missing.


After much deliberation and more sleepless nights I sent in the email request. After my chat with Amanda I could not wait for Veronica to come. My husband and I cannot say enough about Veronica and the process. We were lucky enough to have her come to our house and sit and talk with us. We appreciated her medical background and how she was well researched. We were probably still skeptical but she eased our fears and supported us completely. Veronica worked with us in our situation to ensure that we were comfortable with the process moving on. She left us with a plan and knowledge that she was a phone call away. The first week of sleep training was not easy and I know that without Veronica we would have caved in and never followed through with the process. Her calls throughout the first week were essential, as new questions always seemed to creep up.


We truly cannot say enough about our experience working with Veronica and SleepWell Baby. We have a happy little boy who sleeps! The most valuable part is that we know that Jude now has the skills to sleep. There are still days when things are not perfect, but we know that he will carry on and continue with his routine. We have been able to put him down at new locations and he does not seem to miss a beat. If someone were to tell me this fact months ago I would have laughed at them in disbelief.


We decided that sleep was too important to all of us. We were not going to bear the cross of “my child never sleeps” and move forward. We openly and proudly tell people that we used a sleep consultant. I would (and do) highly recommend SleepWell Baby to anyone! Thank you for helping us get our life back!


-Ainsley and Spencer

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