Kara – 2 1/2 & Evan – 15 months old

“Our 2 and half year old daughter Kara had been on a good routine and was sleeping through the night up until she was 15 months old, but then we had our son Evan and things started unraveling soon after. When Evan came we slowly let the bedtime routine slip and by the time he was 14 months old both of them were fully dependent on us to be put to sleep. When we met with Amanda it was taking 1-2 hours to put Kara to bed and Evan needed to be held and given a bottle to fall asleep. Kara would wake up during the night crying for milk and would not go back to sleep until she was in our bed. Evan would be up 3-4 times a night each time needing that cuddle and bottle until he fell back to sleep in my arms. I would then play the game of gently putting him back into his crib, quietly leaving his room, praying he would not wake up. Of course he would wake up immediately and I’d start the whole process again until finally by 5 am I would give up and bring him into our bed.

I was going to start back to work soon and was desperate for help. Within 2 weeks of meeting with Amanda and committing to her sleep plans, Kara and Evan were sleeping through the night. Kara now sleeps in her own bed all night without needing her sippy cup of milk. Evan is sleeping all night in his crib and is completely weaned off the bottle. Amanda also set up scheduled nap times for Evan and a quiet time for Kara. As a result of this I immediately noticed a decrease in temper tantrums during the day because they were now getting adequate rest. I am now back to work full time and thankfully we are all sleeping through the night!”

– Erin

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