Kasen- 5.5 months

Kasen was 5 ½ months old when we contacted Alysa at SleepWell. After months of short naps that were had only in the carseat, swing or baby carrier and waking every 1-2 hours in the night, we were desperate and I was afraid I was going crazy. I attended a SleepWell clinic that Alysa held in the home of a good friend, and knew that we needed her help.

After being reassured by our doctor that there was nothing wrong with our baby, I made my consultation appointment and we started a few days later. The difference in Kasen was astounding. My fussy, crying baby turned into a happy, smiling, well-rested joy. He eats better, he naps wonderfully and sleeps 11-12 hours each night. The guidance and encouragement we received from Alysa was invaluable. She made the process of perfecting our sleep routine easy, and eagerly answered any questions we had.  We cannot thank Alysa and SleepWell enough for helping us achieve a wonderfully rested family.

Thank you again for everything!


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