Keaton – 16 months old

“My son was a great sleeper until he was 3 months old, all my friends were so envious that my newborn slept through the night, like from 10-7.  But then it changed.  I think the most he woke up was about 10 times in 1 night.  Sometimes it was just briefly but others it was for hours.  So we did everything and anything to get him to go back to sleep as fast as possible and that is how habits start.  He was soother dependent and could not and would not go back to sleep unless we went into his room.

He was 16 months old when I contacted Amanda.  I was very skeptical at first as I had tried everything- shush pat, co-sleeping, CIO to every degree from check ins to extinction.  What was she going to do differently?? She assured us things would work.  She modified the plan to fit our lives, understood that we know our baby best.  When she left after our consult, I was excited and nervous.  Would this really work??

Well it did!! On Night 3, my son was sleeping though the night, WITHOUT his SOOTHER.  A week later, he is sleeping 7pm-6am without a peep and last night I slept myself from 10 pm until 6 am for the first time in a VERY LONG time!!

THANK YOU Amanda for changing our lives!!! Our house is much more happy since you came into our lives!!”

– Chris

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