Layla – 5 months old

Our daughter Layla had always been a champion sleeper.  Then, around 4 months, it was like someone took our amazing sleeper and gave us their newborn.  All of a sudden, she was up multiple times a night and we were exhausted.  We also had a long list of bad habits to break – rocking her to sleep, nursing her to sleep, swaddling her to sleep, letting her nap on us during the day – Amanda helped us tackle all of them…on the first night!  That night, Layla slept 12 hours with NO wake ups.  The next day when Amanda wanted us to put her in her crib fully awake for her nap, I was skeptical.  Especially since she was so used to napping on us.  I was completely shocked when I laid her down and she went to sleep – ON HER OWN – with no crying.  It was the first time in a long time that I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee and get some things done around the house.  Layla is happier and sleeping better than ever, and my husband and I are loving our extra free time.  We don’t have to worry at all about going out for a night and letting Grandma handle bed time.  It might sound cheesy, but Amanda really will change your life!

– Rachel

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