LJ – 13 months old

“I had the pleasure of working with Janine recently to help with my sons nap issues. My son, LJ, was 13 months and bottle fed when we started this process. He would have a bottle while I rocked him in the glider, and I would have to hold him for his ENTIRE nap. If I tried to put him in his crib he would wake up everytime. We had the same routine at bed time, but he would go in his crib without waking and wake up once or twice through out the night. Janine really helped to give me the confidence to follow through on letting him learn to put himself to sleep. This was a hard habit to break. While he’s still a work in progress, he has come a LONG way. I will admit, the first day was difficult, but once I saw improvement on only the second day, I stuck with it. We are at the end of our second week and LJ is already taking naps in his crib, with only a minute or two of crying, and sleeping 11-12 hours straight without waking at night. The other bonus is he is off bottles 100% since the only time he had them was at nap/bedtime. Janine was amazing, wonderful to work with and SUPER supportive. I was at the end of my rope, I had tried every method out there, and every trick before contacting SleepWell Baby, but it was so worth it. I would recommend them to anyone! (especially Janine!).”

– Miranda

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