Lucas – 7 months old

“My husband and I had been working hard to help our son—Lucas—get enough sleep. I had done considerable reading and followed several of the different techniques and tips recommended. We had made good progress on falling asleep but staying asleep was another matter. Finally after seven months of exhaustion, with Lucas getting up numerous times a night to feed and waking for the day at 5 am, I decided to phone Amanda. She came to our home, met all three of us, and discussed the ten day sleep plan. She answered all our questions and everything she suggested made sense. Still, we were very skeptical when she assured us that Lucas would be sleeping through the night, without feeding, before the end of the ten days.

Lucas did great with the program and, much to our shock and amazement, slept over 11 hours straight on the sixth night! There was much less crying than we had expected and only one episode of extended crying. His sleep has come so far and he is finally getting the sleep he needs. It is such a relief to go to bed at night knowing I don’t have to get up several times to feed him. Not only is Lucas more rested but so are my husband and I. We are a much happier family now that we are all getting the sleep we desperately needed.

Working with Amanda has been a great experience. She gave us the confidence to be consistent, answered all our questions, stayed connected throughout the program, and adapted our plan based on how Lucas responded. I am so glad we contacted Amanda and would strongly recommend Sleep Well Baby to anyone who is struggling with their baby’s sleep habits.”

– Marie

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