Mackenzie – 7.5 months

I called SleepWell baby when my daughter was 7.5 months old because I was lost and didn’t know what to do. She would only nap during the day if she was being nursed to sleep and then held or in the vehicle moving. These naps would last maybe 15 min. She also wasn’t sleeping at night. She would need to be nursed to sleep and then would sleep for max 2-2.5 hours before she was up again. She would wake consistently every 2-3 hours through out the night and would only go back to sleep if she was nursed. We tried to let her cry it out but she would scream until the point of making herself sick. I was desperate, my husband didn’t know how to help and my 3 year old son was suffering from not getting the attention he needed and having a very impatient over tired mom. Mackenzie was also suffering. Her health was suffering, she wasn’t eating solid foods the greatest and wasn’t growing. After my 15 minuted consultation I knew we had to try SleepWell Baby. It was our only option. We were assigned to Telanne the next day and she was a GODSEND!

After our first call we worked out a routine and plan for Mackenzie and a start date. Telanne was super supportive and flexible, even when unforeseen circumstances resulted in postponing our start date by a few weeks. But once things got back on track and we were ready to start she was there waiting and ready. Even though I was nervous, and reluctant to start, Telanne gave me the assurance and help that I needed! Our first night was not nearly as tough/bad as I had expected, but was exactly what Telanne had told me it would be.

Within a few short days Mackenzie had taught herself how to fall asleep and how to get back to sleep after waking in the night. She was sleeping from 6:30pm-12:30am or even later, up for a feeding and then sleeping till 6 the next morning. It was miraculous that Mackenzie was actually sleeping and sleeping on her own! From the day she was a newborn that was unheard of. My husband and I were both absolutely astonished by how fast we saw results and super impressed. We were both feeling rested and happy again.

At the end of the 2 weeks, Mackenzie is sleeping through the night. She gets up to eat once a night but goes right back to sleep. If she wakes any other time, she puts herself back to sleep. Now that she is sleeping, so am I and I am feeling refreshed, have way more patience for my son and am happy! I knew the sleep deprivation was affecting me, but I didn’t realize just how much it was. I am a way better mom to my son and to Mackenzie, and now I have way more patience and energy to get out and do things like go to the park, have play dates, and just laugh and play with my kids. It is enjoyable to be able to be a mom again and not a person desperately running on auto pilot just trying to get through the day to hopefully maybe get 2 straight hours of sleep or more if at all possible.

The biggest and most rewarding difference by far that we have noticed though, is the difference in our daughter. She is happy and growing! She is eating solids much better and is healthy. The comments we have heard the most in the last few days are “wow I can’t believe how much she has grown” or “look at the pudgy cheeks she is getting”. I was so concerned for Mackenzie’s health prior to meeting Telanne and now I rest easy knowing that she is feeling so much better. It is amazing the changes in her attitude as well. She doesn’t play strange nearly as much as she did, she is starting to crawl and get active and she is much more attentive and responsive. There are no words for how happy and relieved this makes me feel as a mother!!

Through out the 2 weeks that we were working with Telanne, Mackenzie would throw hooks in our schedule and I knew that with a quick email/call that I would be given the advice needed to get us through. There wasn’t a day that would pass where I wasn’t sending at least 2-3 emails asking questions or giving updates and then receiving timely helpful replies.  Without Telannes help we wouldn’t be where we are today. There are not enough words, actions or things to say thank you enough to Telanne and too Sleepwell baby. They have saved us. I was so nervous and reluctant about starting and I think for me it was because felt like I was a failure as a mom and that I shouldn’t’ need help to get my baby to sleep. I think that was why I was so reluctant because I was scared that if it actually worked then that would reaffirm my feelings as a failure, that someone who doesn’t know Mackenzie is able to get her to sleep and I as her mom can’t. But now that I am clear minded I know it doesn’t mean that at all, but that the support is what I needed, I needed someone telling me that I could do it and someone giving me the tools to be able to do it. I was just so passed the point of being able to see things clearly, the stress the sleepless ness and the worry were clouding my vision and I just needed someone to help get me through the fog. That someone was Telanne and I will be forever grateful!

If anyone I know is having sleep troubles with their babies, even just for naps, I am telling them to call SleepWell Baby. It is worth every penny and more. You can’t put a price on happiness and that is truly what they have given us. I can’t thank Telanne enough for the help we have received and the for change for the better that we as a family are experiencing!!!


THANK YOU!!!!! 😀

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