Maximus – 1 year

My son Maximus had just turned a year, and still had not slept through the night. He was a horrible napper, only 30 minutes at a time.  I was doing everything in my power to get him to sleep longer during the day and at night. Max was used to being either nursed or bottle fed to sleep and then put in his crib. After he woke for the second time at night I would end up sleeping with him and nursing him for most of the night. He was cranky, and I was cranky. I was getting near to go back to work and was nervous about working shift work and having a baby that didn’t sleep. I had tried everything before and had bought numerous books but nothing seemed to work. I knew I needed to try something new and fast.

For Christmas this year my Mom bought me the S.O.S. package from SleepWell Baby. Telanne was really understanding and supportive. She knew where I was coming from as she had been in the same situation. Within three nights Maximus was almost sleeping through the night and had began to sleep during the day better. He is a happier baby and I am a happier Mommy! I wish I would have called sooner!
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