Molly – 2.5 years

If you are struggling with getting your kids to sleep at night and find yourself up multiple times through the night, I would highly recommend the services that SleepWell Baby is able to provide. Our two and a half year old daughter slept reasonably well up until the birth of our son.  With a new baby’s arrival, our daily routines changed drastically and so did our two year old’s sleep.  She would take more than an hour to fall asleep in the evening and would then be up at least 2-3 times a night. To top it off, she would also often be up at 5:30-6:00. Her night wakenings, along with a new baby’s night wakenings meant that no one in our house was getting much sleep.

SleepWell Baby took time to get know our family and our situation and come up with a plan that worked for us. We had tried other suggestions from books and the internet, but the difference with what SleepWell Baby could provide was having a clear, easy to follow plan, and an actual person to talk to when you had questions or needed reassurance when the kids were challenging. I truly believe that without the assistance of SleepWell Baby, our family would still be struggling with sleep, my husband and I would be arguing about what we needed to do differently to “fix” things or we may have just given up and moved on into accepting that our children are terrible sleepers.  Thanks to the assistance of Veronica, our sleep consultant, both of our kids sleep through the night and my husband and I are finally getting a good night’s sleep, leaving the brain fog and grogginess behind. If you are on the fence about whether or not your family needs the help that SleepWell Baby can provide, I am certain that it will be worth your time to make the phone call and to implement your new sleep routine. You really can have children and a good night’s sleep!

Brad, Charlene, Molly and Carter
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