Mya – 4 1/2 months old

“We could never have realized how sleep deprived we were until now looking back over the last couple of months. Our lives have done a 360 and we feel like totally new people. Mya is doing so amazing that we actually feel bad telling people about how well she sleeps because it sounds to good to be true! We cannot thank you enough for changing our lives and Mya’s for the better and again cannot believe how we have such an amazing sleeper on our hands. We went from a baby that slept 5 hours straight then up several times throughout the night to a baby that now sleeps 13 hours straight every night!!!! You are truly a miracle and we are so thankful that we discovered you.

Keep up the great work at changing families lives because we can say first hand that you had changed ours forever!!

Thank you sooooo much for everything Amanda you have definitely found your calling in life:))) ”

– Marion, Brett & Mya

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