Noah – 3 1/2 months old

“Our son, Noah, had trouble sleeping right from birth.  For the first six weeks of his life he slept on my chest because it was the only way any of us got any sleep.  He rarely slept in his crib or bassinet and was most comfortable in a swing or bouncy chair.  We had been told by the public health nurse that it was not optimal for him to be sleeping upright so we continually tried to put him flat for sleeping but he always woke up and we had to start all over again with trying to get him to sleep.  He was very hard to settle to sleep and never fell asleep on his own.  We tried anything we could think of for the first three months.  The only way we could get Noah to sleep was to let him fall asleep while feeding him and then rock him into a deep sleep before transferring him to the swing.  We were lucky if he slept for three hours at a time.  Many nights we would start his bedtime routine at 6 pm and we considered it a success if he was sleeping by 11 pm.  My husband and I were both so frustrated and exhausted.  Noah is our second child and our first was a fantastic sleeper so we knew this was not the way things were supposed to be.  We knew letting Noah sleep in his swing was not the safest way for him to sleep and we realized that he was becoming dependent on the swing for sleeping – but after three months of no sleep and a toddler to take care of as well we were just doing what we had to do to survive.  After one particularly long night of desperately trying to get Noah to sleep we found the SleepWell Baby website.  We immediately sent Amanda a message.

We met with Amanda on a Thursday and started the program on Friday.  By the second night Noah slept right through – 12 hours straight – and every night since he has continued to sleep right through.  We are now able to put Noah down for naps and bed time in his crib wide awake!  He has learned how to fall asleep on his own with no feeding or rocking.  We feel like we finally have our lives back and are able to fully enjoy our happy baby boy and have more time with our toddler as well!  We have been working with Amanda for one week and are amazed at how much our lives have changed.  She really has worked a miracle with our son and our family as a whole at a time when we were desperate for change.  We have already recommended Amanda to friends and will continue to keep recommending her.  Thank You Amanda!!”

– Megan

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